I’m a gastroenterology trainee in Dublin who loves food. And drink.

I spend my days looking at people’s insides, asking them about what they eat and drink and answering their questions about what they should eat and drink.

I struggle to keep my BMI within spitting range of normal and find some of the advice on nutrition in the public realm to be atrocious, contradictory and somewhat boring. I don’t have all the answers, nor am any expert on nutrition, but this blog will be exploration of what I eat and what I should eat.

I haven’t gotten into this craze of taking pictures of my food before I eat it – I just want to eat it and the camera takes a very lonely second place to my fork. But I will try!

This is not a medical advice blog. All information provided is just that: information. These are my personal opinions, not professional advice. You should see your own doctor with any problems. I will not answer any professional questions.


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